Friday, 21 October 2011

But but's so pretty!!!

This is just the loveliest thing I've seen in a very long time. And I cannot have it as I am a good foot too short to carry it off!

ASOS berry leather midi skirt €114.71
Leather. Berry shade. Seventies. Midi. Perfection!!

I love coloured leather. Personally I feel with black leather there is always the danger of looking a little Bon Jovi (especially if it is not a very matt black), but adding colour brings it back to just being an amazing natural durable material with a little edge.

Oxblood leather front t-shirt Topshop £50

River Island gold skirt on ASOS €97.84
 Or if you, unlike most of us, have but one hip, this very slim fitting version from ASOS:
ASOS gold leather skirt €117.41

Gucci dress €1,800 on Looks like toffee mmmmmmm

The best little navy dress ever, Emma Cook on Net a Porter €725
Halston dress €925 on
 I want them all!


  1. But Bon Jovi is hot. It's occasionally fun to wear black leather but a chocolate brown pilot jacket works better with my coloring. I like your blogspot. I think I'll need to pick up a virtual leather pencil skirt too. I would like to try on the Halston dress - not sure about the neckline though.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jenny. Love chocolate brown leather too, a nice warm colour for autumn. Not sure about the very high neckline on the Halston dress either but I do love the colour!