Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sequinned beauties

Spotted this on ASOS. Sequinned but understated, love it!

Ashish Breton stripe sequin top
Although after spending €573.98 on an item of clothing I may not want to look understated!

ASOS embellished top with paillette sequins €71.75
I like this a lot despite the obvious madness, the colour is great and it's very sculptural but it would be extremely unflattering and is more than a little odd. And how the hell would you wash it?

Religion dress with mirrors ASOS €84.79
A less girly take on polka dots maybe? I love the asymmetrical hem.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lovely winter woolly dresses

I love my winter knit dresses, it pains me to put them away once spring gets that bit too warm. They're cute but comfortable and look perfect with lovely clunky boots. As I've pointed out before I'm not a girly-girl at all so this is a good compromise for me!

Awear piped wool-blend mini-dress €50
Berry colour-tick, peter-pan collar-tick.......of course if money was no object, this Pendleton dress is gorgeous:

Pendleton jacquard mini-dress €263 ASOS

Beautiful Tophop sequinned dress £58


Dainty wool and lace dress from Promod €47. Black tights? Really?

Warehouse Colour-block dress €60. Unnecessarily pricy!

AND FINALLY........I think I'm in love.....

NW3 by Hibbs Madeley Metallic knit dress €181