Saturday, 10 December 2011

Alternative wedding bouquets

Since my wedding I keep coming across dresses I would have preferred, hairstyles that would have worked better, and now bouquets I would have LOVED if I'd come across them in time! So I'm going to share these to hopefully save someone else that annoyance!

Button bouquet €250 by LillyBudBouquets on Etsy

Leather flower ball €173 BloomRiver on  Etsy

Vintage Brooch Bouquet €242.00 MousePhotography on Etsy
Royal Wedding teardrop bouquet-LillyBud Bouquets on Etsy €490
Butterfly bouquet €230 My Haley Girl on Etsy

Bright designer bouquet Mattheppelstone on Etsy €728-ouch!

I realise these prices are ridiculous but there's absolutely no reason you couldn't copy these, vintage brooches and all, for a tiny fraction of the cost. They're just so cheery!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sequinned beauties

Spotted this on ASOS. Sequinned but understated, love it!

Ashish Breton stripe sequin top
Although after spending €573.98 on an item of clothing I may not want to look understated!

ASOS embellished top with paillette sequins €71.75
I like this a lot despite the obvious madness, the colour is great and it's very sculptural but it would be extremely unflattering and is more than a little odd. And how the hell would you wash it?

Religion dress with mirrors ASOS €84.79
A less girly take on polka dots maybe? I love the asymmetrical hem.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lovely winter woolly dresses

I love my winter knit dresses, it pains me to put them away once spring gets that bit too warm. They're cute but comfortable and look perfect with lovely clunky boots. As I've pointed out before I'm not a girly-girl at all so this is a good compromise for me!

Awear piped wool-blend mini-dress €50
Berry colour-tick, peter-pan collar-tick.......of course if money was no object, this Pendleton dress is gorgeous:

Pendleton jacquard mini-dress €263 ASOS

Beautiful Tophop sequinned dress £58


Dainty wool and lace dress from Promod €47. Black tights? Really?

Warehouse Colour-block dress €60. Unnecessarily pricy!

AND FINALLY........I think I'm in love.....

NW3 by Hibbs Madeley Metallic knit dress €181

Friday, 21 October 2011

But but's so pretty!!!

This is just the loveliest thing I've seen in a very long time. And I cannot have it as I am a good foot too short to carry it off!

ASOS berry leather midi skirt €114.71
Leather. Berry shade. Seventies. Midi. Perfection!!

I love coloured leather. Personally I feel with black leather there is always the danger of looking a little Bon Jovi (especially if it is not a very matt black), but adding colour brings it back to just being an amazing natural durable material with a little edge.

Oxblood leather front t-shirt Topshop £50

River Island gold skirt on ASOS €97.84
 Or if you, unlike most of us, have but one hip, this very slim fitting version from ASOS:
ASOS gold leather skirt €117.41

Gucci dress €1,800 on Looks like toffee mmmmmmm

The best little navy dress ever, Emma Cook on Net a Porter €725
Halston dress €925 on
 I want them all!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Want of the Day

I loooooooooooooooooove this dress! I think this taupey-minkey-new plaster colour is my all time favourite, there's something very gentle and classy about it.

Twist & Tango dress €134.61 on ASOS

Have not been blogging at all lately, I am busy having a big clear-out of my wardrobe on Ebay, mostly so I can afford to re-stock it with lovely things! One of which is this lovely top I bought yesterday in Only in Liffey Valley shopping sentre.  Only is a brand I keep forgetting about, mostly because somedays I see absolutely nothing I'd like when I go in, other days I end up taking 7 things into the changing room and wishing I could afford them all. This is lovely though, unusual to find this lovely vivid blue, and it's subtly rock-chick with tiny stars and skulls.
(Can't find pic of long sleeve in blue for some reason so here are both versions....)

Patricia long sleeve €29

Patricia top €19
They do lovely draping, slouchy but flattering cotton and jersey casuals really well and at very reasonable prices, but also have the odd quirky piece hidden in amongst the staples.

Pull Wonder sheep jumper €39

Cape €79

Pantalon carrot trouser in tweed €45. Doesn't the model look great?

Full collection can be found here, can't find their own website!?
I will be back there sharpish on pay day!............

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tie-dye jeans yum yum

I saw these tie-dye jeans in River Island's new autumn/winter collection on Whisty's blog here. I love the tie-dye ones! Which feels all sorts of wrong as I wore tie dye in the 90s (for shame) and maybe wearing a trend once on one's lifetime is enough? But I like them! And just two colours rather than lots of crazy colours looks a little more mature?

The tie-dye ones don't seem to be in shops yet but there are other nice offerings.....
 I'd ordinarily prefer to try make my own version but denim is a difficult fabric to work with, too thick and awkward, if I can afford it I'm happy to pay for someone else to have done the hard work this time.

Red stripe skinny jean £40. Very Ms.Moss

Gold skinny jean £45.
I saw a girl today in these jeans. They are a showstopper but this was a very skinny girl and those jeans were not flattering from the back at all. Think being wrapped in a mix of cling film and tin foil. Looked amazing from the front though!

Gorgeous Tripp NYC Over-dye jeans, apparently under $30, don't know how to get my hands on them though.
I am way too hefty at the minute for skinny jeans and this just won't work in any other style I don't think? Maybe this is the inspiration I needed to PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE AND STEP AWAY!!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Back into black!

I was in lovely Cork this weekend and spent quite a while drooling at the Brown Thomas window on Patrick St which held all manner of beauties, from woven wire and cashmere striped jumpers to tweed jackets and peter pan lace dresses. The most striking item in the window was a very simple Moschino shift dress ($850 on with a black print of the Eiffel tower on a white background with dinky little black cap sleeves. Simple and classic and perfect with black tights and the ankle boots I just bought on Ebay...I am so happy the weather is colder and I can get back into my black tights!

But the price tag is crazy for something so simple so I went a-hunting for something else simple and striking.......came across these, some not affordable but nice to look at!

Hagoromo silk dress by Clash And Refine on €57

TIBI Baroque Scarf dress $343 Revolve Clothing

Stella Mc Cartney Resort 2011 tulip dress
3.1 Phillip Lim Summer 2011 Net-a-Porter $650
Erdem Candra $560 Net-a-Porter

Stella Mc Cartney anemone print shift dress

Vero Moda print dress £24 on ASOS

River Island Bambi dress £40 ASOS
I know these are summer dresses and that summer is now officially over but I'm just gonna wear my little dresses with tights and wooly cardies and clunky boots. It's nice to mix silk with chunky knit and chunky leather boots. Wonderful not have to worry about my pasty legs anymore! They will be hidden away from view til next May at least!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage capes

Capes will be big this autumn and the fashion world ( and my) obsession with vintage is set to continue into this autumn season also, so why not combine the two?! I came across these on Etsy and Ebay today, some of these should be museum pieces they are so illustrative of their era.

1960s cape €142.66 from Jessamity on Etsy

60s orange cape €56 from MysteryMister on Etsy
Pink capelet €37.81 from SugarHiccupVintage on Etsy

 I definitely would think twice before wearing colours this in-your-face, it's a pity fashion is less daring now than 50 yrs ago. These 1970s capes and ponchos are more wearable.....

1970s cape/poncho €24.97 from YoungandUkraine on Etsy-love the colour!
1970s welsh wool cape on Ebay for €57

Tartan belted cape €36 from Mom24kids on Etsy.

I'm small and would easily be swamped so am definitely looking for a belted cape for some waist definition. Otherwise I'll just look like a big mushroom! I finally threw out my beloved tartan coat which apparently made me look like a 12 yr old according to my other half ( and I finally agreed with him), so may well get a lovely tartan cape to replace it!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Monochrome dream....

I wish wish wish I had the legs for this dress...........

ASOS Peter Pan collar dress €64.10

It would be amazing with black tights and these Feud boots which I love but which Ebay does not currently have my size in and are too pricey otherwise....

or these even more amazing Feud Breeze boots, currently down to €83.33 on ASOS....

 Sigh. Alas it is not to be!