Friday, 24 June 2011

Weather appropriate leggings

Aren't these great? Very French and quirky, and very weather appropriate at the minute, in Dublin anyway as we are lashed on from above every single day IN JUNE!!!!

Semi-sheer Rainy Day leggings from 24 East on Etsy, €49.71

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tartan bargain!

I have been lusting after this Topshop tartan jacket ,which I think is very Vivienne Westwood, for aaaaaages but the bidding always goes way above what I'd like to spend. But today, finally, for the amazing price (including postage!) of €17 odd.......ta-da! It's finally mine!

Topshop Tartan Peplum jacket, was £55 in store
I've seen this go for more than €60 twice on Ebay, this one is second hand, although barely worn. I would have snapped this up if I'd seen anything like it in a vintage shop so am not bothered about not being the first to wear this. I am a little less happy to buy something second hand that is not outerwear I must admit. Which is silly I know, especially when I love vintage!
Is it just the punk in me that thinks tartan is timeless in a way? There's a little bit of tartan to be found on catwalks every year, usually in traditional red.

Billtornade's Fall 2011 collection

Dolce & Gabbana's twill fitted shirt €309 D&G seem to be big tartan fans!

Y-3 Fall 2011 .....Gorgeous!

Thakoon Fall 2011

Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2011-2012
 I do think it is the punk aspect of tartan that keeps it edgy and always a slightly brave choice. And clinging on to a look hasn't done Ms. Westwood any harm. I'm going to wear this jacket with a lot of blues to pick up the lovely blue in the check as Y-3 have done above, it's a fresher take on the look.

I shall continue on my quest to find the perfect tweed blazer but I have a suspicion it's something I should try on before buying and Dublin's vintage shops are proving very disappointing.....I'd really appreciate any suggestions!

Will I stay or will I go....

Apologies to my few followers for lack of posting lately , I've been very disillusioned about the whole blogging thing. I initially started this as an outlet for the days I can't stop thinking about clothes or fashion in general but once I think about other people actually viewing my blog (and have a look at other people's blogs!) I realise my occasional ramblings don't really cut it. The problem is I also have plenty days where I am mostly interested in my stained glass projects, or changing my turtle's tank, or finally organising my wedding photos or visiting friends or family and I don't really want to have to stop doing those things in order to put the time in that is required to have a blog other people will get something from. I hadn't really thought about other human beings looking at my blog when I started! I think I'll plod along for another while and see how I feel. Have made an Ebay purchase today which has inspired a post so here goes.......

Monday, 6 June 2011

DIY Studding project at long last

I had a very boring black skirt from H&M from a few seasons ago, and a black fitted dress from Penneys which was just dull.
I bought some 1/2 inch black studs on Ebay (approx €12 incl postage for 100) and some silver domed studs (approx €9 for 50). I bought from the-retired-punk as they're based in England and I wanted them quickly but there are lots of others to choose from on Ebay.

The studs have two or three spikes sticking out the back so just stick these through the material ( light t-shirt material is too thin, it just rips unfortunately) and push the studs inwards, I used the pestle from my pestle and mortar, a hammer would do either, it's too painful to use your fingers! You will need a pliers with a long narrow nose too to un-do studs you've pushed into the wrong place.

On my black skirt I did two rows of the cone studs and I like it! I think it looks like a frill until you look closer.

Then the boring black dress.....

Not entirely happy with this. I went a bit mad trying different patterns with the studs. It's a work in progress! Very fun to do though!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

DIY feather project: Make your own feather sleeve top

I loved this Bird top from Juicy Couture which I came across on Outnet for €99. I did not, however, have €99 to spare.

So.........I took:
One plain H&M black vest top for €6.95 ( deliberately plain as I was worried anything fussier could lead to more of a panto than rock chick look) I bought a size too big as I wanted it looking slightly baggy for the same casual, not-too-dressy look.

One length of feather trim/fringe. I chose this long black hackle feather by lovelyfeather on for €7.70 as I wanted a cap sleeve effect but was very tempted by the peacock one, lots to choose from on Etsy.

One open ended zip, this one is a 10inch zip from Minerva Crafts and Fabrics UK on Ebay for €2.36.
I've picked an open ended one because I want to be able to remove the feather trim (sewn onto one half of the zip) completely so I can wash the top. Don't even attempt to wash feathers, you end up with sad stringy looking things that look awful. And if the feather does get grubby over time I have lots left to replace it with!

Separate the two halves of the zip:

I intended placing the zips so that the zipper head would be towards the back but a slight miscalculation and a large lack of patience meant they're both at the front (and one is facing backwards which I think is impossible to avoid but looks fine) but feel free to do it correctly yourslves!

First of all sew the piece of zip with no zipper head along the back of the vest strap so that all but the teeth of the zip are hidden behind the material of the strap (I added it to this piece in case washing the top repeatedly would damage/chip the zipper head?) I am very sloppy and never measure anything but it would be wise to make sure you are placing the middle of the zip piece exactly on the top of the shoulder strap.

Then sew the feather fringe onto the other half of the zip, with the ribbon trim of the feather fringe covering all but the teeth of the zip. Anywhere you cut the feather fringe sew along the edge to prevent any of the feather falling out.


Even more camera-shy than usual, have nasty bloodshot eye!

If you don't like the shiny effect of the satin trim of the ribbon on the feather fringe make sure to look for one with a matt trim.
Excuse the shocking quality of the photos, I do not have enough patience to take more!
Quite pleased with my efforts! Total cost came to less than 20 euros and a small amount of simple sewing.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


I'm not sold on narrow pleats on skirts, they will do absolutely nothing for me, I just know it. And they look like an absolute nightmare to iron! I much prefer box pleats, I think they're less fussy and they give more structure and shape to the garment, especially in a stiffer material, meaning it will be less clingy on poor me. But I like the pleated effect in general so I've been looking for some alternative pleated things for me to try....

sister jane Neck Tie Blouse with pleated collar €57.69 ASOS. Love these shorts too.
ASOS Pleated Skirt Mac €83.33

ASOS Premium pleated back top €51.28 also available in grey/nude. Watch the catwalk video for best effect, I love the way it is quite a plain top from the front but completely different from the back.
ASOS Pleated Swing Vest €17.95

Jaeger Silk Taffeta Paper bag skirt down to €115.28 ASOS
Tangerine shell pleat top Dorothy Perkins £16.80

Chambray of Light shorts $39.99
This metallic leather skirt is AMAZING!!!!!! the leather gives it more structure so it would be more forgiving on the hips. And the colour is beautiful. Slight budget issue though...

House of Holland skirt now €385.88 ASOS
'Course if there were no budget issues I'd just buy the whole Erdem Spring collection of lovely pleated things..