Friday, 17 February 2012

Diamond alternatives

Aren't these lovely? I am always impressed by those with unusual engagement rings but there's the unfortunate risk that your intended will be thought of as a cheapskate for actually putting a bit of thought into the procedure and not just turning up with the usual boring old diamond. Sorry! Personally I don't like diamonds, I much prefer a bit of colour or just something with a bit of imagination. And something with less of a tainted reputation? Here are some favourites from Etsy:

Black pearl, amethyst and pink pearl ring from shinyi on Etsy. €117

I love black pearls, they have such a beautiful lustre to them and are so much more mysterious and exotic than their paler cousins.

Rainbow sapphire €172 Etsy
Ok, you'd need to be particularly fun loving for this one, but wouldn't it just cheer you up every morning!?

Blue sapphire ring €1072 Etsy
This one is rather like my own heh heh. A lovely vivid blue.

Madagascan ruby & gold ring €328 Etsy

Amazing sculptural pink gold & emerald ring €593 Etsy

Pearl ring ChrisMueller jewellery Etsy €95
And now I want them all!

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