Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tie-dye jeans yum yum

I saw these tie-dye jeans in River Island's new autumn/winter collection on Whisty's blog here. I love the tie-dye ones! Which feels all sorts of wrong as I wore tie dye in the 90s (for shame) and maybe wearing a trend once on one's lifetime is enough? But I like them! And just two colours rather than lots of crazy colours looks a little more mature?

The tie-dye ones don't seem to be in shops yet but there are other nice offerings.....
 I'd ordinarily prefer to try make my own version but denim is a difficult fabric to work with, too thick and awkward, if I can afford it I'm happy to pay for someone else to have done the hard work this time.

Red stripe skinny jean £40. Very Ms.Moss

Gold skinny jean £45.
I saw a girl today in these jeans. They are a showstopper but this was a very skinny girl and those jeans were not flattering from the back at all. Think being wrapped in a mix of cling film and tin foil. Looked amazing from the front though!

Gorgeous Tripp NYC Over-dye jeans, apparently under $30, don't know how to get my hands on them though.
I am way too hefty at the minute for skinny jeans and this just won't work in any other style I don't think? Maybe this is the inspiration I needed to PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE AND STEP AWAY!!!

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