Monday, 19 September 2011

Back into black!

I was in lovely Cork this weekend and spent quite a while drooling at the Brown Thomas window on Patrick St which held all manner of beauties, from woven wire and cashmere striped jumpers to tweed jackets and peter pan lace dresses. The most striking item in the window was a very simple Moschino shift dress ($850 on with a black print of the Eiffel tower on a white background with dinky little black cap sleeves. Simple and classic and perfect with black tights and the ankle boots I just bought on Ebay...I am so happy the weather is colder and I can get back into my black tights!

But the price tag is crazy for something so simple so I went a-hunting for something else simple and striking.......came across these, some not affordable but nice to look at!

Hagoromo silk dress by Clash And Refine on €57

TIBI Baroque Scarf dress $343 Revolve Clothing

Stella Mc Cartney Resort 2011 tulip dress
3.1 Phillip Lim Summer 2011 Net-a-Porter $650
Erdem Candra $560 Net-a-Porter

Stella Mc Cartney anemone print shift dress

Vero Moda print dress £24 on ASOS

River Island Bambi dress £40 ASOS
I know these are summer dresses and that summer is now officially over but I'm just gonna wear my little dresses with tights and wooly cardies and clunky boots. It's nice to mix silk with chunky knit and chunky leather boots. Wonderful not have to worry about my pasty legs anymore! They will be hidden away from view til next May at least!


  1. I saw this in the Dublin BTs when I was shopping with my mom the other day. They also have possibly THE most awesome shirt ever that hopefully this link will take you to;
    I fell in love straight away! I also saw that first shift dress you show which is awesome. Quite similar to a dress I bought in Zara recently mind you. I know mine's not as nice as the moschino one but the price tag's a lot nicer!

    Aoife @

  2. Thanks Aoife, that shirt is amazing! It's a piece of art and totally timeless, I love it. I can justify $300 for art! I also love your dress, it's simple but the design is clever and I love monochrome anything. Makes me feel all Audrey! I am watching your fishtail braid link at the mo, thanks for that!
    Excuse my posting as Anonymous, for some reason I can't post as myself, on my own blog! grrrr...