Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kate Moss Wedding

Kate Moss looks just lovely in her wedding photos, not overdone, over-polished, overly groomed. She looks like herself, but happier, which is exactly what the perfect bride should be.

I don't really love the choice of suit/tie/hairstyle on the groom's part but it does add to the laid-back, care-free, summery vibe, said she grudgingly.

Oh gosh yes, The Kills, how terribly rock 'n' roll! Up there with Jimi.

Whether or not your friend is a world-renowned designer it must be lovely to wear a wedding dress designed especially for you by a really good friend. It is perfect for her, simple, laid-back and pretty cool.
Love the vintagey elfin/medieval feel to both dress and veil

Looks like little Lila has inherited both her mother's looks and poise.
Hope they had a wonderful day.

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