Friday, 15 July 2011

Vintage handbag offerings

I love bags as much as the next girl but the huge satchel bags that we're supposed to all love right now are just too big for me, I'm small and a big bag just swamps me.
All the bags that have resonated with me, the bags that friends have had and I've envied to the point of almost stealing them, are invariably vintage bags. Beautiful, classic and manageably sized.
 Personally I love the doctor bag style but there's so many different sizes and shapes out there, there's something for everyone. I think it's a great way of buying leather for a good price and expressing your own style rather than going down the mass-produced route.

1960s blue handbag €40 Vintage Trig
Vintage "skin" bag €45 Vintage Trig -how cool would this be as a laptop bag?
Vintage french Zara satchel €78.40 Dandelion Daydreamer
I love this. I may just buy it when I'm finished posting! Doctor's bag €56 Dandelion Daydreamer
French vintage tan messenger bag €63.88 Dandelion Daydreamer
This beautiful caramelly chestnutty colour only comes with age!

1950s snakeskin bag €71 Dandelion Daydreamer
Doctor's bag by Allencompanyinc on Etsy €71

Bronze beaded bag 1930s €150 The Goddess Room. It's pricey but it's more an antique than just vintage. You're buying history!

1950s tortoise-shell lucite box bag €141.25 Devoted 2 Vintage

19602 wood&burlap box bag €96.05 Devoted 2 Vintage

Amazing black leather bag from the 1940s €108 by blackflamingovintage on Etsy

 I have always loved wicker things, it's lovely and creaky and makes me think of picnics and summer and nature!

1960s picnic box from HavePitty on Etsy. Faux leather but it is only €11. And very cute.
Perfect for a Mad Men moment !

Update: I bought this on Etsy to go with a black pencil dress I've added feather trim to, mixing up my 50s and 60s a little but hey I think it works! It was only €9 from Sailorettes on Etsy.

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