Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage capes

Capes will be big this autumn and the fashion world ( and my) obsession with vintage is set to continue into this autumn season also, so why not combine the two?! I came across these on Etsy and Ebay today, some of these should be museum pieces they are so illustrative of their era.

1960s cape €142.66 from Jessamity on Etsy

60s orange cape €56 from MysteryMister on Etsy
Pink capelet €37.81 from SugarHiccupVintage on Etsy

 I definitely would think twice before wearing colours this in-your-face, it's a pity fashion is less daring now than 50 yrs ago. These 1970s capes and ponchos are more wearable.....

1970s cape/poncho €24.97 from YoungandUkraine on Etsy-love the colour!
1970s welsh wool cape on Ebay for €57

Tartan belted cape €36 from Mom24kids on Etsy.

I'm small and would easily be swamped so am definitely looking for a belted cape for some waist definition. Otherwise I'll just look like a big mushroom! I finally threw out my beloved tartan coat which apparently made me look like a 12 yr old according to my other half ( and I finally agreed with him), so may well get a lovely tartan cape to replace it!


  1. Good grief! The 2nd one I WANT!

  2. Thanks for your comment Whisty, it is beautiful isn't it. I checked and it's gone, dammit! Just admiring Awear's new tweed jacket in your post, thank you for the heads-up!