Monday, 6 June 2011

DIY Studding project at long last

I had a very boring black skirt from H&M from a few seasons ago, and a black fitted dress from Penneys which was just dull.
I bought some 1/2 inch black studs on Ebay (approx €12 incl postage for 100) and some silver domed studs (approx €9 for 50). I bought from the-retired-punk as they're based in England and I wanted them quickly but there are lots of others to choose from on Ebay.

The studs have two or three spikes sticking out the back so just stick these through the material ( light t-shirt material is too thin, it just rips unfortunately) and push the studs inwards, I used the pestle from my pestle and mortar, a hammer would do either, it's too painful to use your fingers! You will need a pliers with a long narrow nose too to un-do studs you've pushed into the wrong place.

On my black skirt I did two rows of the cone studs and I like it! I think it looks like a frill until you look closer.

Then the boring black dress.....

Not entirely happy with this. I went a bit mad trying different patterns with the studs. It's a work in progress! Very fun to do though!

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