Monday, 20 June 2011

Tartan bargain!

I have been lusting after this Topshop tartan jacket ,which I think is very Vivienne Westwood, for aaaaaages but the bidding always goes way above what I'd like to spend. But today, finally, for the amazing price (including postage!) of €17 odd.......ta-da! It's finally mine!

Topshop Tartan Peplum jacket, was £55 in store
I've seen this go for more than €60 twice on Ebay, this one is second hand, although barely worn. I would have snapped this up if I'd seen anything like it in a vintage shop so am not bothered about not being the first to wear this. I am a little less happy to buy something second hand that is not outerwear I must admit. Which is silly I know, especially when I love vintage!
Is it just the punk in me that thinks tartan is timeless in a way? There's a little bit of tartan to be found on catwalks every year, usually in traditional red.

Billtornade's Fall 2011 collection

Dolce & Gabbana's twill fitted shirt €309 D&G seem to be big tartan fans!

Y-3 Fall 2011 .....Gorgeous!

Thakoon Fall 2011

Rag & Bone Fall/Winter 2011-2012
 I do think it is the punk aspect of tartan that keeps it edgy and always a slightly brave choice. And clinging on to a look hasn't done Ms. Westwood any harm. I'm going to wear this jacket with a lot of blues to pick up the lovely blue in the check as Y-3 have done above, it's a fresher take on the look.

I shall continue on my quest to find the perfect tweed blazer but I have a suspicion it's something I should try on before buying and Dublin's vintage shops are proving very disappointing.....I'd really appreciate any suggestions!

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