Monday, 9 May 2011

And finally...feathers..

I've been sick and not posting the last few days and now I've gone overboard with three posts in one day! This is my last....
The curehead/goth in me has always loved feathers. They almost always have a presence in haute-couture collections and do lend themselves more to stunning but unwearable clothes as they are not washable in any sense of the word, they don't even hand-wash well and your dry cleaner won't thank you for the task either.

Some 2011 designer feathered creations:....

Alexander McQueen Sprine/Summer 2011. Gorgeous.

Jason Wu Fall 2011. I love the pop of pink against the slightly sinister black feathers!
 And the slightly more affordable options..............

Tory Burch 2011 feather dress $245 Saks 5th Avenue
Bird top by Juicy Couture €99 on I like this because the top is slouchy and laid-back. With feathers you do run the risk of looking a little panto or draggish if the rest of your outfit is over-dressed looking, tone down the rest of your look to be on the safe side....
The DIY option today might be the only sensible option:
 I am going to sew one half of a short zip as a little cap sleeve onto a plain black top and then sew some feather trim to one half of the zip so that the trim can be safely removed and the top can be washed. And I'll have a zip detail sleeve top without the trim which is also not so terrible. Etsy and Ebay both have a great selection of feather trims/fringes. And I could make these interchangeable.

Hackle feather trim from LovelyFeather on Etsy €7.81

Lady Amherst Pheasant from same seller €8
Rose Red Pheasant trim from Lily842009 on Ebay £8 postage
Wish me luck, it may all end in tears!

P.S - had to add these, Ukraine's entry for the Eurovision, check out the amazing feather dress!


  1. I adore feathered clothes. I want McQueen's feather wedding dress!


  2. Thanks for your comment Aoife, I saw that dress earlier, it is breath-taking!