Sunday, 1 May 2011

Retro swim beauties

The current retro Coca-Cola ad campaign reminded me of my love for retro swimwear and I did a little internet search and realised it's a major trend for summer 2011! Yay!

Yay especially as I bought my own retro swimsuit a few weeks ago in preparation for my upcoming summer holidays! Quite pleased with myself that I am accidentally on trend! Also for the first time I am not dreading stepping onto the beach. It is not just that I'm more covered up in this, more that the retro halterneck and the overall cut is soooo flattering! Roll on the holliers!
Here's what I bought!:
Koozuland seller on Ebay €22 -note, on a normal girl this skirt is butt-skimming, this girl's thighs are the thickness of most people's calves. It looks very 60s on.
Some more from this seller, WHO I DON'T KNOW I  just really appreciate being able to get a lovely swimsuit for a great price and want to share the love!

1940s inspired?

Very disco 19702 inspired! Brilliant for expectant bumps too?

I love vintage and would generally steer clear of retro in favour of the genuine article but I have to draw the line with swimwear, hygiene concerns'n'all! But if I wasn't worried about that this find on Ebay is just perfect retro 1970s style....
70s retro Swimsuit $29.99 Ebay

Etsy has several great sellers selling new retro swimwear ( I think I recognize the styles from so I suspect these are supplying Modcloth with their beauties), here are a few I've found.......
Zen Garden $89.99

$55 from TheRedDolly on Etsy

Barbie suit $125 from ThomThomVintage on Etsy

Country Bumpkin $110 from same
Topshop have a great selection of retro bikinis and swimwear this season................
Black Scallop suit £30

Purple Meadow £30 -something very English rose/Last of the Summer wine about this!

Stripe Balconette £30
More high-street offerings............
Ditsy one piece £21.99 New Look. I'd be scared to go strapless but it would be so easy to add straps to this.

Floozie by FrostFrench £35 Debenhams

Broderia bikini top £14.99 New Look

M&S bodyshaper swimsuit £35

GORGEOUS Red or Dead suits £62 from Debenhams or approx €70 ASOS

Seafolly English Rose €120 ASOS crazy price but terribly pretty

I normally like to show my own individual style, and often my love of vintage, in what I wear every day. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do the same with my swimwear before now. I never felt 100% happy on the beach before ( it just didn't feel like me?) so I am really looking forward to feeling happy in what I wear this holiday! If I'm feeling really brave I might post a photo!
Now I just need a lovely pair of retro 50s sunglasses to go with to perfect my look!

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