Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tights and more...

 I know this is disgraceful posting these tights/leggings again but I think they are just amazing. I cannot think of a single occasion I'd wear them for but that doesn't put me off in the slightest.

BabooshkaBoutique €36

I think I like these.Wolford ribbon €43 ASOS

Goldfish tights by Galstern on Etsy €27

House of Holland Superstar tights, as seen on Jessie J. I wish I had seen this picture instead of the leggy model on the House of Holland pack itself as it may have jogged my are not a amazonian goddess, you are a stumpy Irish not purchase...oh well! Enjoy, tall ladies.

House of Holland Suspender €15.74 on ASOS. Have seen these on quite a few girls, they have the potential to look a little dodgy but look really edgy when worn with military-style boots.

Luxe leggings by Iheartnorwegianwood on Etsy €48

 I saw someone wearing pale crochet tights yesterday and it inspired me to go a-hunting for more. I never ever use fake tan. Kudos to those who can, but I can't so I'm pale and proud and always wear pale tights to weddings etc for that 50s look. But I do feel under-dressed sometimes as a result. A bit like going out without make-up! So a patterned white or neutral  tight might just be what I need for special occasions

Baroque tights $20

Butterflies tights from Post on Etsy €15

Calla lily tights by Galstern on Etsy €17.31.

Falke nude crochet tights

Falke crochet tights in black €27.55
These are gorgeous in nude as above but it's hard to see the detail from the photo.
Forest tights by Post on Etsy €19

Falke Graphic Diamond €27.55 ASOS

Falke Squares €27.55 ASOS

Flora by Post on Etsy €12.45

ASOS Gypsy Patterned tights €10.50

Jonathon Aston tights ASOS €15.74 very pretty and delicate.

Neutral paisley tights $9.95

Peacock tights from Post on Etsy €15.92. And these are exactly the shoes to wear with them!

Wolford back-seam tights €39.36 ASOS.
 Note that you need lovely long straight legs unlike mine to get away with these. They just made me look bandy-legged! Booooo! I so wanted lovely war-time back seams.


  1. Love those baroque tights but the wardrobe is slightly overloaded on that front! The Decades Festival is on every July/August as far as I know...

  2. Thanks Sarah must look into heading to lovely Cork for that....