Monday, 2 May 2011

Feeling crafty!

 Spent the morning in the Phoenix park happily sewing (badly) in  amongst the boot camps and cricket players. And deer poop. I had popped in to A.Rubanesque in the Powerscourt centre yesterday, a veritable treasure trove of ribbons, lace, trims, feathers, all you could ever want to embellish anything. Once you start thinking along those lines you come up with loads of ideas for little projects, I started with one and ended up with four!
Lovely sunny day for crafting!

Plain and boring top from Awear in a nice mink colour, this trim just adds a little interest.
This trim was €2.50 a metre, this bit was left over from the initial project below....

 I have this dress quite a while but it's just a little too short and has broderie detailing around the neck so I wanted the make it a little longer and add interest with this piece of trim. If it's still too short I may add another layer half way down the back of the other piece of trim to elongate it further.
Don't worry won't be wearing black tights/leggings with it! Was doing quick change for photo!
Close up. Dress from Penneys, Summer 2010 collection

I also bought some beautifully detailed gold lace for €5.00 a metre and added it to a black boatneck top I love for its shape but which is a little dull. Trying to get more metallic into my wardrobe!

H&M blue cardigan €9  -I cut out some of the detail from the gold lace and added it on here for cute brooch detail.
The blue cardigan was a rushed buy as I ended up leaving my leather jacket with giant rip ( see older post!) in to be fixed unexpectedly while in town on Saturday and needed something to wear for heat while going on Viking Splash tour around Dublin with my sister! ( Which was great, little pricey but worth it).

I left it in to Grafton Leather Alterations (01 6717813), above Eddie Rockets on South Anne St. and they've said the rip will be almost invisible as they can open the seam to hide most of it, and all for €22.50! Happy days because I've actually been avoiding wearing it for fear of ripping it further!

All in all a very productive weekend!

P.S - Got my jacket back, great repair for a great price, almost like new ( it was in a bad way before)  I'd highly recommend them!


  1. It's great the difference a simple trim will make to a top. Just got a sewing machine so I'm hoping to get more crafty - will be using this post for inspiration!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I have a frustrated and unused sewing machine stuck in the wardrobe here, it's too complicated for me, I'll stick to the hand sewing! great for trims and lace too but just for inspiration A.Rubanesque is well worth a visit. Have fun!