Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ugly-pretty vs. pure ugly!

I know it's a matter of personal taste but I came across what I believe is the ugliest shoe I've ever seen today and it inspired this post! A lot of the time I love shoes that are clunky and inelegant and could definitely be considered ugly by some people but I like the look of dainty dresses mixed with clunky boots. It's from my punk(ish)days of wearing a tutu with steel toe boots!

Carvela Shout reduced to £59 Debenhams

Carvela Nude Angle shoe £140

dico Copenhagen €197.43 ASOS

ASOS Activate Peep-toe Clog £27

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Stud Office £120

True Grid $234.99

Notch-ural Beauty Boot $174.99 these are amazing aren't they?
However these are just plain UGLY!!!!!
Fornarina Alette- Office £61

Office Marble £32
 I don't know if I was too traumatised as a child by the Wicked Witch of the East's pointy toes sticking out from beneath the hot air balloon in The Wizard of Oz but I just cannot warm to shoes with pointy toes. I like the idea of having petite feet (it's the only vaguely dainty thing about me!) and pointed toes make even the smallest foot look huge! And although I can't wear very high heels, very low heels like on the Office Marble here are just a bit pointless? Am I wrong?

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