Sunday, 24 April 2011

Back to School!

I've been inspired by this lovely ASOS satchel in a post by to go have a look for some nice examples myself, here are some nice quirky ones, maybe more weekend bags than weekday?

ASOS punch-out satchel €38-pretty although a little pricey for faux leather?

Bolivian hand tooled leather satchel €49 This is hand crafted by a small community in Bolivia that definitely could be doing with your cash more than Mulberry could, and the bronze leather is gorgeous, so feel saintly and look good!

Cambridge 14" patent satchel €157.44
The Cambridge satchel company have satchels in every colour under the sun. I'm a little nervous of the bright colour trend at the minute so a bright red or yellow satchel could be a stepping stone for me!

Dr.Martens leather satchels £125 - only 350 of these being sold world-wide, a guaranteed good investment!

Natural scalloped €75 & grey trompe d'oleil style patent €53,  really original and quirky satchels from Frenchenglish on

Linea €295

Vintage Brazilian cut-out leather bag €17

If I had unlimited funds I'd buy this beautiful Gucci satchel, a snip at $4250!
And now for some more conventional, practical bags. I really like the Mulberry Alexa although they, or their fake equivalents! are everywhere. And Alexa herself gives me a pain. I think she looks like a cross between a giraffe and a lollipop:

Tan Mulberry Alexa from $940 on net-a-porter, now available in metallic if you're feeling adventurous.

Reiss Dorchester £320

The very similar but much more affordable Warehouse satchel €85

Pretty pretty See by Chloe Poya in a beautiful rose coloured leather €325 on net-a-porter
Personally I'd always go for a classic colour if I was spending a lot rather than risk not "getting the wear out of" my  big investment, tan goes with everything, can't go wrong. But if I'd loads to spend then definitely, I'd go for one in every colour!

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