Monday, 11 April 2011

Pretty handy bits...

I often find tops or dresses that I nearly love, but they're just not quite perfect some way. Often all it takes is removing some buttons, or replacing them with nicer ones, or wearing something else in a certain way with it but often the item lies unused and forlorn in my wardrobe for months... even years.. til i figure out how to perfect it. Here are a few items I spotted for just such an occasion.....

ASOS lace collars from 10 euro

Modesty panels!

 Very off-putting name, reminescent of burkas or suchlike! but perfect for weddings where you've worried about putting your dinner guests off their soup everytime you lean over. Or was that just me!? Easily hooked onto your bra-straps. Available from Avon/Ebay/Amazon from 4.50euros

For dresses that are gorgeous but too short (which to be honest is EVERYTHING out there at the minute!!!) I add some trim on to the end. My sewing skills are woeful but even I can manage that.
Some lovely Broderie anglaise for the end of a floral or simple cotton dress?

Check out for every type or trim or ribbon you could possibly imagine, you'll find them on the ground floor of the Powerscourt Centre. I've seen these exact feather trims below there,  just think how easily could you transform a simple shift dress into 1920s flapper-style glory! It would make me look like a elephant in a pillow case but you girls, you would look fabulous!
Sue Wong flapper dress

Heidi Handler dress, beautiful but simple, which means there's no reason you can't attempt to do your own version! is also a brilliant website for EVERYTHING! but especially fabric and lace flowers, trims, vintage and otherwise..check it out!

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