Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wooden it be lovely!

I came across these first wooden two clutches from French Connection while researching my last post and fell in love. I am definitely getting me one of these beauties (But I am not paying these prices so there's some serious ebay and amazon searching to be done...) There's no colour or pattern of dress that wood won't go with and they will look just so individual and original. And double up as a fairly handy weapon if needs be! 

Frech Connection £112
French Connection £124

These beautiful clutches are by Radhana Reddy and come packaged in suede boxes. Available from her website As previously stated I'm very scared of the current bright primary colour trend and always looking for a gentle "in" so these pops of bright pinks and blues could work perfectly.
Two of my favourite things in one, walnut wood and laser cut leather. Rafe New York clutch $325

Stella McCartney $995 on net a porter

Tania dark wood clutch Glorinha Parangue $365
Wouldn't these look gorgeous with a wooden wedge? They're not so dressy either that they wouldn't work with jeans and a pretty top on a night out. I can't find one within my budget so far so I may be found in the park tomorrow hacking off tree branches with a bread knife......


  1. Thanks for the feedback about my hair! I may keep the way it is :P
    As for the clutch, man I want them all! I really like the last one since it doesnt even look like a clutch! Love it!


  2. Thanks for your comment Aina it's much appreciated, and it's my first! Good luck with your hair decision!