Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New nude

I love nude, it is just so elegant! To me it looks better in a light fabric, chiffon or suchlike, I think wearing a tighter or thicker fabric leaves people wondering if you're wearing some sort of body suit and checking to see if you have comedy hairy bits attached down below.

Twenty8Twelve by Siena Miller, the creased linen has an almost paper bag look, in a good way! €140 on Outnet.com

Miss Selfridge Ponti frill hem dress £38. It's just cute!

Miss Selfridge embellished shift dress £150 but it is red-carpet worthy.

ModCloth.com Venetian Lace dress $54.99
 ModCloth has currently got 27 pages of dresses listed! I absolutely guarantee you will find whatever type of dress you are looking for there, from MadMen-a-like beauties to quirky floaty things. Their prices are very reasonable but bear in mind it could be between $25 and $30 for postage to Ireland.

ModCloth Oh-So-Sweet-Pleats $57.99. An example of the quirky....

...and of the floaty! Modcloth Salt Lake dress $52.99

Oasis nude dress €90, there's something very Alica in Wonderland about this! Pretty and timeless.

I have a bad habit of re-using items in my blog but this beautiful Heidi Handler 1920s inspired dress deserves another airing!

You would assume it is an easy shade to accessorise, and it can be, but there are wide variations in what constitutes " nude".
Some, like the Heidi Handler dress above, have a cold blue tinge and may not work when accessorized with warmer shades but should with blues, greys, some purples and silver. The slight green tinge in the Siena Miller jacket means it should work with colder coloured accessories, such as bronze which has a green tinge. The pinky-peachier nudes such as the Miss Selfridge Ponti dress would work with warmer colours and golds but in this case with the black trim you're really restricted to black or nude. Such as....

Yves St. Laurent Mohawk suede pump $935. I'm not sure if it's the legs or the shoes I want more.

http://www.outnet.com/ Luxury Rebel nude leather boot Jean-Michel Cazabat, discounted to €107.
Note to self...maybe not such a fantastic idea to Google "nude" when at work.

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