Monday, 11 April 2011

Beautiful shoes...alas not for me

Unfortunately I have been gifted with the flattest feet in christendom and therefore can't wear heels. Last time I wore even a high wedge to a Saturday wedding it was Thursday before I could walk properly again. Seriously! But they're so pretty, I'll keep trying!
 I love wooden heels, I think they look amazing peeping out from underneath a pair of indigo flares. But they are completely un-wearable I've found ( while walking round Schuh hanging on desperately to display units). Excellent as a budget alternative to skiing where broken ankles are concerned but apart from that best admired from afar.

New Look floral, just £25

Bear with me, I think these could work with the floral muck tat removed! Irregular Choice wedge-115euro
Schuh - 40 euro, nice mix of dainty and clumpy! Very Marilyn/Mad Men methinks.
 The cork offends the eye somewhat but the pink is a lovely shade.

 I do appreciate Schuh's photo of shoes-on-posed-legs for everything they sell. That which looks pretty and dainty on its own often looks shocking on actual legs, and those are model legs remember so wwooooaaahhh there the rest of us-advance no further!

Schuh Kitty 85euros. Beautiful Perfect for the 70s vibe. And the aforementioned broken ankle.

A snapshot of Primark/Penney's new Spring line. These wedges are amazing. I love the T-bar 1920s look and the teal colour is perfect with the dark wooden sole. Note however that the model has had to sit down.
I'm wary of recommending a Schuh own-brand shoe without adding that on numerous occasions while in Schuh their own staff have recommended I buy non Schuh shoes in preference, that " the quality is better"  or " they will be more comfortable in the long run" which leads me to think there perhaps have been returns of their own brand stuff and that the resulting headache has meant they're happy to push the other brands they stock. Maybe not? Just a theory?! In their defence, such honesty is to be commended, and their returns policy, and the fact you can collect items bought on-line from your nearest Schuh shop make them a good place to shop.

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