Sunday, 17 April 2011


I am a very recent convert to pussybow blouses. I don't like them as formal office-type wear, I think without a little edge they are too fussy and veer too close to Dynasty territory. But I love vintage and the more retro looking and quirkier pussybow blouses I've come across seem like a better tribute to the original 70s look. Personally I think that unless you're of the willowy disposition the fitted tunic shape is more flattering than the elasticated bottom/tucked in look.
Dorothy Perkins coral blouse, just €25

ASOS Petite Horse tunic approx €46

French Connection

French Connection again! Somewhat Little House on the Prairie no?

Mango Ditsy blouse, nice floral, nice v-neck and nice price-down to €35 on ASOS

Miss Selfridge £25, this would almost pass as a Vivienne Westwood creation.

Oasis, out of stock at the mo on ASOS. More fussy than the others but the sheer fabric stops it being too strait-laced.

Oasis swallow print blouse €45. The photos on both the Oasis and ASOS websites do not do this blouse justice, I have tried it on and it is gorgeous!

Sugarhill Boutique blouse ASOS, reduced to €37. I think this is the one for me, check out the catwalk viewing option on ASOS for the bow untied, that'll be how I'm wearing it!
Leaving the bow undone makes for a nice v-neck and a much more relaxed look, high collars don't work for everyone, and you're getting two quite different looks from one top. Three of the above are also giving a nod to the print trend, so more style for your buck! These would all be gorgeous with a lovely blue denim wide flare. And a wooden wedge!

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