Monday, 18 April 2011

Flower power

I wandered into River Island yesterday hoping for a pair of flared beauties that would shave pounds off my thighs and turn me into a 70s goddess. Alas miracles don't tend to happen in shopping centres but I did find an absolutely beautiful floral top....below.
Floral blouse with lace panel €35 River Island

I am currently waiting to return something from ASOS ( which I have not yet received but it was purchased under the influence of a buideal of vino and I have that familiar sinking feeling about it) so when those funds arrive safely back into my bank account I will be rushing back to get this beauty!

Although cartoon-like florals work for the rockabilly inspired look, I think these antique style floral patterns lend a much more classic look to the proceedings.

ASOS floral top €45.92
I adore this top, I know it sneaked into my knitwear post as well but it's so pretty! And I can't wear it!  Much too girly for me, I feel I would need to be more petite and fragile to get away with it. Not meant for ladies of the "sturdy" variety.

Awear floral top with crochet collar €30
This Awear top is a nice tunic length ( I'm all about covering the "aras an uachtarain") with lovely lace detailing and 60s style Peter Pan collar and the vivid blue and red are so fresh and summery together! I did think that the material didn't reflect the price tag and to me felt like something that the colour would fade from over time?

AMAZING skirt, midi length, antique floral print, I WANT!!! River Island £29.99
Forever21, just £12!

Miss Selfridge £32 - such a beautiful shape!

Monsoon hard clutch £32. Terrible impractical awkward things, rounded clutches, but oh so pretty.

River Island has a whole set of luggage with this pattern, I think it looks incredibly expensive and timeless, this vanity case is £39.99. Worth every penny, you'll feel like a 1940s screen siren every time you use it...... 

                                                   Oooh I think I've come over all Laura Ashley!

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