Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Gorgeous baby things

All my friends are having babies! I love my friends, so I'm going to love these little babies and I keep spotting little things I think would be cute for them. But you're not supposed to buy them things before they're actually here, are you? Bad luck apparently. So I might gather a few of these things here in preparation for the wonderful days when they all get here!
Butterfly paper wall stickers Etsy

Wall decal 69 euro Etsy
 I have decals ( no idea why they're called decals, would "stickers" not do?) on my wall and they do add instant impact and, in my case anyway, did absolutely no damage to the paint. I would advise against applying smaller stickers within reach of little hands as they peel off very easily and could be dangerous.

Retro elephant decal €23 http://www.etsy.com/

Lovely baby quilt from Mukkymonkey (from Castleknock in Dublin!) on Etsy €45 but 10% off on repeat purchases! And you're giving someone their future family heirloom!
Elephant onesie €8 Etsy

Owl onesie Esty €8
I ADORE Etsy. If you're not familiar with it, it's like Ebay but everything for sale is either handmade or vintage, two of my main loves in life! Beware of Mr.Customsman on purchases from afar, try make larger pruchases from closer to home, I got badly stung on our wedding rings!  But there are some great bargains and unique gifts to be found, and better vintage finds than on these shores. It is also possible to limit your search to certain areas, local sellers etc. Great to support local irish craftspeople!

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