Sunday, 10 April 2011

Drumroll......and Intro!!!!

Hi world!
This blog is an outlet for my love of clothes and pretty things. My only outlet due to both shortage of funds and lack of whippet-like figure! It's a little fashion-nazi of me but personally I feel mean placing a beautiful item of clothing on my personage when that personage does not do justice to said item. I'd prefer to admire it from afar! But I want to gather all the pretty things I come across and pine for here so I can look at them from time to time and think of what might have been....if I didn't need food and could ignore all my bills....

I adore grey at the minute. I think it's such a classic, timeless shade, never dates, and it suits everybody, even us pasty irish girls. I also love natural materials, rather controversially considering I am a vegetarian. But again materials such as suede and leather are timeless and classy and have a little edge, I feel. Possibly because of the controversy?! Here are a few lovely grey things I found today on ASOS...:

Asos grey suede bib - on sale @ 18.37euro.

Copenhagen grey clog boot (202.05euros-ON SALE!Sheesh)

Warehouse satchel ~ gorgeous!
This obi is not leather, but definitely passes as such, and for 10 euro! Sure where would you be going, as me dad says!

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